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Firescope takes the privacy of its members seriously. Firescope wrote this Privacy Policy based on the Information and Communications Network Act, but tried to explain the status of personal information processing of partners and members within the Firescope service in an easy-to-understand and detailed manner. This policy includes matters regarding consent to receive advertising information for commercial purposes.

  1. Purpose of processing personal information Personal information will not be used for purposes other than the following, and prior consent will be sought when the purpose of use is changed.

    1. Membership registration and management Membership registration, membership service use, identification according to the limited identification system, personal identification, prevention of illegal use, prevention of unauthorized use, confirmation of intent to join, confirmation of consent of legal representative when collecting personal information of children under the age of 14, later Personal information is processed for the purpose of verifying the identity of a legal representative, investigating an accident, resolving disputes, handling civil complaints, and delivering notices.
    2. Development, provision and improvement of services Demographic analysis, analysis of service visits and usage records, formation of relationships between customers based on personal information and interests, discovery of new service elements and improvement of existing services, etc., providing customized services based on acquaintances and interests We process personal information for.
    3. Marketing and promotion Purposes such as posting advertisements according to demographic characteristics, verifying service validity, providing prizes, and providing convenience and participation opportunities for partners and members such as gift voucher events, identifying access frequency, and statistics on service use of partners and members to process personal information. It is used for marketing activities such as provision of affiliate services (products) and events, advertisements, and SMS service provision, market research and product development and research, delivery of mail and e-mail, etc., and telephone consultation.
    4. Establishing a safe Internet use environment We process personal information to establish a service use environment that partners and members can use with confidence in terms of security, privacy, and safety.
  2. Processing and retention period of personal information

    1. Personal (credit) information collected for membership registration and management purposes is retained and used from the member registration date of the partner company to the member withdrawal date. However, after a member of a partner company withdraws from membership, it is retained and used only for investigation of accidents related to the purpose of Article 1, resolution of disputes, handling of complaints, and fulfillment of legal obligations.
    2. Customer's personal information is destroyed without delay when the purpose of collection and use of personal information is achieved.
      1. In the case of a customer who causes a scandal with the service due to the unhealthy use of the service, the personal information may be retained and used for one year for the purpose of requesting a judicial investigation or protecting other customers.

      2. If it is necessary to keep it in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, the company may retain and use the customer's personal information for a certain period of time stipulated by the relevant laws even after the purpose of collection and use has been achieved.

        Records on contract or subscription withdrawal: 5 years Records on payment and supply of goods: 5 years Records on consumer complaints or dispute resolution: 3 years Records on display and advertisement: 1 year Books and supporting documents for all transactions stipulated by the tax law: 5 years Records on electronic financial transactions: 5 years Service visit record: 3 months

  3. Provision of personal information to third parties In principle, Firescope does not provide personal information to external parties without user consent.

    1. In principle, Firescope processes the personal information of partners and members within the scope of the purpose specified in Article 1, and does not process beyond the original scope or provide it to third parties without prior consent of the partners and members. However, personal information of partners and members may be provided to third parties in the following cases.
      1. If the customer has consented to the provision to a third party in advance
      2. When there are special provisions in other laws
      3. In case the customer or his/her legal representative is unable to express his/her intention or if prior consent cannot be obtained due to unknown address, etc. When providing personal information in a form that cannot identify a specific
      4. individual as it is necessary for the purpose of statistical preparation and academic research
    2. In the case of transferring all or part of business or transferring and succeeding the rights and obligations of a service provider due to merger/inheritance, etc., in order to guarantee the rights of customers in relation to personal information protection, the fact must be notified to partners and members.
  4. Customer's rights, obligations and methods of exercise

    1. Partners and members can inquire personal information of themselves and children under the age of 14 (legal representatives only).
    2. Partners and members who have inquired about personal information may request the customer center to correct or delete personal information that is not true or that cannot be verified through the mobile web, phone, or in writing. However, if the personal information is specified as a collection target in other laws, the deletion cannot be requested.
    3. Partners and members may request Firescope to stop processing their personal information. However, in any of the following cases, Firescope may reject the request to suspend processing by notifying the partner and member of the reason. In case there are special provisions in the law or it is unavoidable to comply with the legal obligations
      1. If there is a risk of harming the life or body of another person or unfairly infringing on the property and other interests of another person
      2. In the case where it is difficult to fulfill the contract, such as not being able to provide the service contracted with the customer if personal information is not processed, and the customer does not clearly indicate his/her intention to terminate the contract
    4. Partners and members have the right to protect personal information, as well as the obligation to protect themselves and not to infringe on the information of others. Customers should be careful not to leak personal information including ID and password, and be careful not to damage other people's personal information including postings. If you fail to fulfill this responsibility and damage the information and dignity of others, you may be subject to punishment under the 「Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc.」.
    5. Firescope handles personal information that has been canceled or deleted at the request of partners and members in accordance with the “Period of Processing and Retention of Personal Information” and cannot be viewed or used for any other purpose.
    6. When Firescope finds out that you have signed up for membership by stealing someone else's personal information, it will take necessary measures, such as suspension of service use for the ID or withdrawal of membership, without delay. In addition, even if a partner company or a member who is aware of theft of their personal information requests to suspend service use or to cancel membership for the ID, Firescope will take action immediately.
  5. Items of personal information to be processed We process the minimum amount of personal information necessary to use the service.

    1. Firescope may collect the following personal information from partners to provide services such as consultation and service application and to fulfill contracts.
      1. Name, ID (e-mail address), password, person in charge name and mobile phone number, linkage information (CI), duplicate verification information (DI)
    2. When a partner company wants to use a paid service, Firescope may collect information necessary for payment at the time of payment as follows.
      1. Payment method owner information (6 digits of date of birth or business registration number), credit card information (card number, expiration date, first 2 digits of card password)
    3. Firescope may collect the following personal information from members.
      1. ID (e-mail address), password, name, first 7 digits of resident registration number, gender, mobile phone number, center name, linkage information (CI), duplicate verification information (DI)
    4. Firescope may collect the following information when customers participate in marketing promotions.
      1. Name, email address, mobile phone number, address, first 7 digits of resident registration number
    5. The following information may be generated and collected in the process of using Firescope's services.
      1. Device information (OS, screen size, device ID), IP address, cookies, visit date and time, illegal use records, service use records in the process of using PC web and mobile web/app
    6. In addition to the information mentioned above, Firescope may additionally collect information obtained from other sources, such as online and offline data providers. Such additional information may include demographic data, interest-related data, and internet browsing patterns.
    7. The method of collecting personal information is as follows.
      1. When the customer agrees to the collection of personal information and directly enters information in the process of membership registration and service use
      2. When personal information is provided from affiliated services or organizations
      3. During the consultation process through the customer center, webpage, e-mail, fax, telephone, etc.
      4. Participation in online and offline events/events
  6. Destruction of personal information Personal information is destroyed without delay when the purpose of collection and use is achieved, and the procedure and method are as follows.

    1. Destruction procedure
      1. The personal information entered by the customer for service subscription, etc. is deleted or destroyed after the purpose of use, such as service termination, is achieved, and then stored and stored for one year in accordance with the information protection reasons according to the internal policy and other related laws.
      2. In order to protect the personal information of long-term non-use partners and members who do not have use records for one year, personal information is destroyed.
    2. Destruction method In case of electronic file type, it is safely deleted so that it cannot be recovered or reproduced.
  7. Measures to ensure the safety of personal information In accordance with Article 29 of the Personal Information Protection Act, Firescope takes technical/administrative and physical measures necessary to secure safety as follows.

    1. Administrative measures
      1. Establishment and implementation of internal management plan
      2. Minimization and training of employees handling personal information: We are implementing measures to manage personal information by designating and limiting personnel handling personal information to the person in charge.
    2. Technical measures
      1. Management of access right to personal information processing system: We are taking necessary measures to control access to personal information through granting, changing, and canceling access rights to the database system that processes personal information. Controlling access.
      2. Encryption of personal information: Passwords, which are personal information of partners and members, are encrypted, stored and managed, so only you can know it. I am using it.
      3. Technical measures against hacking: In order to prevent leakage and damage of personal information caused by hacking or viruses, the Bank installs a security program to periodically update and check and install the system in an area where access is controlled from outside. monitoring and blocking. ③ Physical measures: Control access to computer rooms, data storage, etc.
  8. Cookies and Other Technologies

    1. Firescope's websites, online services, email messages and advertisements may use 'cookies' and other technologies. Cookies are string information (text files) that the web server sends to the web browser for storage and then sends back to the server when there is an additional request from the server. Customer's personal information may be included.
    2. The service operated by Firescope installs and operates cookies that store and frequently find information of partners and members through the Internet. When partners and members access the website, they can read the contents of the cookie in the browser, find additional information, and provide services without additional input such as names.
    3. Partners and members have the option to install cookies, and partners and members can set options in the web browser to allow all cookies, check each time a cookie is saved, or refuse to save all cookies. there is. However, if the partners and members refuse to install cookies, difficulties may arise in providing services.
    4. Information collected through service cookies is limited to the unique number of partners and members, and other information is not collected. The customer's unique number collected by the service through cookies may be used for the following purposes.
    5. Analyze customers and non-customers’ web/app access frequency or length of stay to identify customer tastes and interests and use them for targeted marketing
    6. Track service usage history and use it as a measure for future service reorganization through analysis
  9. Remedies for Infringement of Rights If a customer needs a report or consultation due to personal information infringement, please contact the following organizations.

    1. Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee kopico.go.kr/ 1833-6972
    2. Privacy Infringement Report Center privacy.kisa.or.kr / 118
    3. Advanced Crime Investigation Division, Supreme Prosecutors' Office spo.go.kr / 02-3480-2000
    4. National Police Agency Cyber Security Bureau cyberbureau.police.go.kr / 182
  10. Personal Information Protection Officer Firescope has designated a person in charge of personal information protection as follows to handle customer inquiries and complaints related to personal information.

    1. Person in charge : Jin Tae-gyu Department in charge: Personal information protection part Contact: [email protected]
  11. Changes to the Privacy Policy When Firescope changes the privacy policy, it continuously discloses the time of change and enforcement, and the changed content, and discloses the changed content by comparing before and after the change so that customers can easily check it.

Effective Date: June 1, 2020